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Event Details & Agenda

Live broadcast: May 16th & 17th

Beacon User Summit Highlights

The Beacon User Summit is the must-attend event for quality professionals and now we're opening up highlights from this year's summit to enable you to experience it for yourself.

Be inspired by our keynote speakers, hear the future for layered process audits and get a sneak peak at a new corrective actions solution. All sessions from our event (except for exclusive training sessions) are now available below for your convenience! 

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Agenda 1
8:30 AM Welcome with Dirk Dusharme
9:00 AM Interview with Daniel Perez Castilla - Tenneco Powertrain
9:30 AM New Features from the last 12 months!
10:15 AM Enterprise level features
11 AM Scopes, tags, mitigations
12 PM Champions for Quality Awards & Panel
12:30 PM Murray Sittsamer: The Future of LPAs
Agenda 2
8:30 AM Assigning & Scheduling
9:00 AM Different audit types
9:30 AM Ultimate reporting
10:15 AM Corrective Actions
11 AM Interview with Casper Zublin - IRPI
12 PM Larsen: The Future of Beacon Quality
12:45 PM Ending notes 

Watch the Session Videos

 Day 1 - Interview with Daniel Perez Castilla
 Day 1 - Champions for Quality
 Day 1 - Keynote: Future of LPAs
Day 2 - Corrective Actions Live Demo
Day 2 - Interview with Casper Zublin 
Day 2 - Keynote: Future of Beacon Quality

Meet the Speakers

Featuring Dirk Dusharme as our MC, Murray Sittsamer and Casper Zublin as our special guest speakers, hear from our Champion for Quality award winners, and specialized trainings by our Ease and Beacon Quality specialists


Dirk Dusharme

Editor in Chief, Quality Digest
Murray headshot G

Murray Sittsamer

President, The Luminous Group

Casper Zublin

President, IRPI

Scot Larsen

CTO, Ease Inc.

Paul Foster

Product Manager,
Ease, Inc.

Joe Plata

Solution & Sales Engineer,
Ease, Inc.

Chris Shoe

Director of Data Science,
Ease, Inc.

Kevin Ning

System Implementation Manager,
Ease, Inc.

Champions for Quality

Watch the awards ceremony,
and the panel discussion


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The benefit for me attending the Beacon User Summit is to see others’ challenges and see how they’ve overcome them. Whether it’s buy-in from upper management or buy-in from the shop floor. We really all have the same issues, and we can learn from each other.

— Michael Shivers, Cooper Tire
Beacon Quality User & Champion for Quality Winner!