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Beacon Assessment Management Platform


Deliver better, faster, cheaper with Beacon.
See for yourself.

A world-class assessment management platform such as Ease Beacon can return tremendous value very quickly.  The Value Calculator demonstrates just a few of the cost and benefit areas common to most companies.  The default cost values were identified through research1 from renowned organizations such as IISE and ASQ2.  The default benefit settings reflect conservative values based on our experience with our customers.

Feel free to adjust the values to your situation. You'll see that in virtually every situation, Beacon pays for itself in a few weeks to a few months - and these numbers don't include numerous other cultural and brand benefits.  If you want to know more, simply fill out the form.

Annual revenue contribution per site (USD): $
Cost as % of Annual Revenues Annual Cost, Before Beacon Benefit/Reduction from Beacon Savings/Benefit
Operating Costs
Audit Execution & Overhead % %
Scrap Costs % %
Rework Costs % %
Warranty Holdbacks % %
Annual Cost Benefit
Opportunity Costs
Missed Growth % %
Annual Growth Benefit
Total Annual Benefit
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1 References include: Measuring the Cost of Quality (Institute of Industrial Engineers, 2012); Reducing the Cost of Quality to Drive Profitability (Aberdeen, 2016) and others.
2 Institute of Industrial and System Engineers, American Society for Quality