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Using Data to Increase Quality:
An Intro to the
Beacon Quality Data Warehouse


Data is not just for the tech savvy anymore!

Data, and understanding how to use it, can be a career changer for a Quality Manager, Director or VP. It means better decisions, faster response times, and proactive processes. The great news is because of straightforward business intelligence tools like Tableau and Microsoft's Power BI, you can use basic drag-and-drop actions to create convenient visual charts and graphics.


- What is a data warehouse?

- How do you leverage the power of a data warehouse in your organization?

- A demo of the Beacon Quality Data Warehouse and Tableau

In this webinar, Christopher Shoe, Director of Data Operations at Ease, Inc., discusses the power and purpose of business intelligence and showcases our new tool, Beacon Quality Data Warehouse.

Includes slide-deck and recording. 

Feel free to use the slide deck for your own presentation to your team!
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