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Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their commitment to quality?

Are you a Champion For Quality?

We're hosting our first annual Champions for Quality awards to thank those in quality management working hard to make a difference every single day!


We invite you to nominate yourself, team members, suppliers you work with, or anyone else you know that has an inspiring story about making a positive impact on quality in manufacturing. Entries are open to all, and can be anything from a single project, to driving a plant-wide turnaround. We'd also love to hear about people who have dedicated their careers to quality, and early- to mid-career rising starts to watch.

Why participate?

  • Celebrate Quality. Help recognize someone that has made a difference.
  • Share Ideas. Give others ideas on how to hold the gains and continue to improve quality, and develop a Culture of Quality.
  • Create Awareness. Build awareness and support with others in the quality community, and all levels of the organization through regional and national news.
  • Win. In addition, the winner(s) will receive a Champions for Quality award package, which includes:
    • One VIP ticket to the Beacon User Summit (Motor City Casino, Detroit, MI, May 8th, 2018)
    • 2 night stay at the Motor City Casino Hotel (May 7-8th, 2018)
    • Airfare travel voucher (up to $250)
    • Champions for Quality gift basket
    • Opportunity to share your story during the #ChampionsWanted session of the Beacon User Summit
    • Featured story on Beacon Quality website
    • Public recognition through media outlets

Your entry should briefly describe:

  • The person you are nominating
  • Why you are nominating the person
  • How his or her work has improved quality at their plant

Nominations will be accepted through March 30, 2018 on this website. 

Finalists will be selected and announced on April 13, 2018, and our website will be open to voting through April 22, 2018. Winners will be selected by you, through your votes, and will be announced April 24, 2018. Limited to U.S. nominees only.

For our FAQs, please see below.

Join the discussion and promote the opportunity by sharing this page on social media with the hashtag #ChampionsWanted!

Champion for Quality nomination form:


How long does my 'inspiring story' have to be?

The length of the story does not determine if you will win. It's the actions that were taken, the way you motivated your team, and the real results that came from it. Please keep stories to 500 words or less, which is about a full page typed. The best stories can be shared within 150 - 250 words, which is about a paragraph to a 1/2 page. 

Can I nominate my plant, not just one person?

Yes! Just enter the plant location for the 'Nominee's Name' and the company under 'Company'. Then share your inspiring story of how your plant came together to make quality a top priority. However, if your plant wins, you will need to choose 1 person to represent the plant as the winner that will receive the award and go to the Beacon User Summit. 

How will winners be chosen?

We'll launch a voting page with our top finalists in April, in which you and your peers will vote on your favorite stories. Winners will be announced towards the end of April.

Will all nominees be open to voting?

After our submission process closes on March 30th, 2018, our team will select the finalists. Finalists will be then be placed on our website for you and your team of friends, family, and coworkers to vote on! The nominee's name, company name, and inspirational story will be posted. One vote per email address will be accepted. Entry to Champions for Quality awards does not guarantee winning. 

What if I can't attend the Beacon User Summit on May 8th, can I still apply for a Champions for Quality award?

Yes, you can still apply to win a Champions for Quality award even if you are not able to attend the Beacon User Summit. We'll mail you the award and gift basket, however, you will forfeit the 2-night stay at the Motor City Casino Hotel.

Why are you hosting a Champions for Quality awards?

The quality department in a manufacturing plant is one that doesn't get a lot of attention until something goes wrong: a rise in defects, scrap or re-work, or a customer complaint. We want to recognize the people who are behind building a culture of quality, who have helped customer complaints decrease, and who built long-lasting quality processes which make a big impact on the bottom line. We want to recognize you: a Champion for Quality!