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Get Started with Beacon Quality

Videos, Webinars, and 1-on-1

The below videos are in order to help you get started with Beacon Quality. Learn how-to get started auditing, uploading question libraries, adding users, creating shifts, scheduling, mitigations, and more! Sign-up for future webinars and live training using the form on the right.

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Beacon Quality Training Videos

Beacon Quality Demo (Recorded Webinar)

This webinar is a demo of Beacon Quality and a brief review on how to use the system. If you're not currently a user of Beacon Quality, you can click here to sign-up for a free trial!

How to Create an Account and Conduct an Audit (Video)

This video shows auditors how to create their own user account and password, and walks through how to conduct a first audit.

Setting Up Your Org Tree (Video)

This help video walks you through how to set up your org tree on the Beacon Quality platform.

Creating Shifts (Video)

This is a video on creating shifts for auditors within Beacon Quality.

Adding Users (Video)

A how-to video for adding more users into your org in Beacon Quality.

Importing Questions (Video)

A training video on how to import your own questions into Beacon Quality.

Importing & Exporting (Recorded Webinar)

This video covers various types of imports that includes importing questions, locations and users. Also discussed are different types of export functionality available in Beacon Quality.

Create a Document (Video)

A video on how to create a document in Beacon Quality.

Document Settings (Video)

A video training on how to change a document's settings in Beacon Quality.

Mitigations and Responsible Party (Recorded Webinar)

Details on mitigation, responsible party, and alternate responsible party. This training also covers details on mitigation settings options, approving/rejection of mitigations, and process flow.

Failure Category and Countermeasures (Recorded Webinar)

This recorded webinar covers details on how failure category and countermeasures work in Beacon Quality. Learn where can you access them, how to use them and how they get reported in our report panels.

Scheduling Audits (Video)

This is a training video on how to schedule audits within Beacon Quality.

Scheduling Audits (Recorded Webinar)

Scheduling audits in Beacon Quality is covered in this recorded webinar. Includes how to use document scopes and maximums, user scopes and maximums, locations and all other factors that determine the scheduling. The recording also covers details on how randomization works.

Close Mitigations and Reports (Video)

How to close non-conformances and reports in Beacon Quality.

5S Audit Demo (Recorded Webinar)

This recorded webinar covers basics on how to use Beacon Quality to conduct your 5S audits. Brief on questions and response types that can be used for 5S audits. Tips and tricks on when a question is pass or fail and how to customize the questions for suitability.

Corrective Actions Workflow Demo (Recorded Webinar)

This recorded webinar takes you through how Corrective Actions move across team members queue. Better understanding on hows and whos for Corrective Actions as it currently works within Beacon Quality.

Setting-up Corrective Actions within Beacon Quality (Recorded Webinar)

Detailed understanding of how to get started with Corrective Actions on Beacon Quality. Walk through how to translate your existing Corrective Actions and set it up on the Beacon Quality platform. 

Product Updates - Corrective Actions Feature (Recorded Webinar)

This recorded webinar covers recent updates introduced to Beacon Quality like Admin Scope, CAPA documents, tasks, fields, etc.