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Labor Standards for Retail

Effectively measure labor performance and productivity to forecast and achieve higher performance in your retail organization.

EaseWorks's solutions, including labor standards, are the products that started our company in the early 1980s. They are on-premise solutions and do not connect with Beacon Quality. 

Populate your WMS with Store Driver engineered labor standards

Ease is configured to match your WMS, exporting labor standards by Department, Task and Store Driver.

Gain comprehensive labor standards coverage

Ease builds labor standards via Departments & Tasks, ensuring meaningful data that’s easy to copy and maintain.

Build standards with libraries and reusable templates

Ease comes pre-loaded with a large library of industry based Predetermined Motion Time Study (PMTS). You can start accessing your productivity from Day One.

Produce highly accurate PMTS-based engineered labor standards

Ease Labor Standards is traceable to fundamental human activities to reach, grasp, move, re-grasp, release, get and put objects. In EASE the application of standards is method driven, consistent & accurate.


Key features

PMTS-based Engineered Labor Standards

Store Driver’s use data based on MTM to build their standards.

Complete History Sign-off

Ease maintains revision control of every document for a clear understanding of history sign-offs.

Where Used and Mass Update

Using the many user-defined fields available, it is simple to find any data and update it as required, either individually or as a mass update.


Departmental Planning Tool

EASE labor standards are held in Department & Task based routings, this approach allows all stakeholders to easily understand and benefit from the ‘where & how’ basis of the engineered times.

Standards Generator

Easily create standards for repetitive Retail activities.


Demo Labor Standards