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Free eBook: How to Calculate Cost of Quality

Learn what's really driving up your quality costs - and how to choose the right investments in quality.
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Rising Quality Costs Create Hidden Risks

The majority of companies don’t measure cost of quality, and those that do tend to ignore key quality costs.

Manufacturers usually estimate 10% of revenue is lost to quality costs.
Studies show the true cost of quality can be far higher, totaling 15 to 40% of revenue.

Even on the low end, these costs can easily erase your profit margin.

Download this free eBook to learn:

  • The 4 types of quality costs that affect your bottom line
  • Common mistakes that cause people to underestimate quality costs
  • How to use the 1-10-100 rule to cut defects with fewer resources
  • A surprising (and simple) mindset shift to unlock revenue growth

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