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Flipping the lens on Supplier Quality Management

[Whitepaper] Customer Quality Management: Strategies for Becoming a Top Supplier

Learn how to balance the complicated relationship between supplier and customers in the face of globalization and increased demands. 

The relationship between suppliers and customers is quickly transforming due to multiple macroeconomic and industry trends. Globalization of both the supply chain and demand chain, growing product complexity, increasing industry and customer-driven quality expectations, and closer engagement of suppliers throughout a product's lifecycle are just a few of these that are driving industry changes today.

Companies have responded to these changes by deploying Supplier Quality Management (SQM) systems. SQM systems are meant to provide a company with uniform quality management across its supply base. The benefits of a mature SQM system include effective quality and supplier governance, data ownership and visibility, and reduced risk. 

In this Ease and LNS Research partnered whitepaper, we use the term “Customer Quality Management” (CQM) to describe the intentional and efficient management of customer-facing quality data, processes, and process variations to drive supplier differentiation and reduce total cost of quality.

This joint LNS Research and Ease whitepaper includes:

  • Supplier challenges, objectives, and perspective on customer-facing transactions
  • A working definition of CQM
  • How to use CQM to better respond to customer quality requirements
  • Benchmarking and benefits of CQM
  • Actionable recommendations

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