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Whitepaper: Improve Production Quality with Optimized Process Audits 

A guide for continuous improvement and measured success 

Layered Process Audits (LPA) Ensure Standardization and Reduce Process Failures

Manufacturers are under pressure to keep ahead of the increasing challenge to meet demands for better and faster products at reduced cost. In order to improve the manufacturing process and increase profitability, many manufacturers have implemented a Layered Process Audit (LPA) program.

LPA is a practice that involves the entire organization in the quality control process rather than isolating it to a single department. LPA is gaining popularity in many manufacturing organizations because of its ease of implementation and use, and the fact that it brings management and shop floor employees together to verify that processes are being done right the first time.

In contrast to traditional reactive quality assurance methods, LPA is a proactive, effective and easily sustainable approach that offers a significantly higher return on human resources and management attention. When implemented correctly, every LPA auditor, across all levels of the organization, becomes accountable for production quality and quality controls.

This whitepaper addresses:

  • How process audits exist today
  • How to optimize process audits with an LPA program
  • Best practices for LPA program implementation

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