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Spotlight on Quality

Creating a culture of quality is crucial for any manufacturing plant, so it is especially surprising that the people who help to implement it are usually overlooked and underappreciated. Beacon Quality is proud to announce our first annual Champions for Quality awards, which works to recognize those in the quality profession who have advocated for exceptional quality at their plant(s).

We need your help!

All of our nominations were submitted by YOU, and you, again, have the ability to vote for who should get an award in each category. Review the stories of how each candidate positively impacted their plant floors and cast one vote per category. Help these inspiring individuals get the acknowledgement they’ve rightfully earned by sharing this with a colleague (or two) as well!

Select a winner from each of the 3 categories below:

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Ambassador nominees take the reign of implementing a strong culture of quality at their plants.

  • Her willingness to take on new projects and put forth every effort to get things done is inspiring. In fact, Glenna is the type of person you feel lucky to work with. She was the one person I can go to and not be judged if I don't know the right approach on how to handle a difficult situation. Many people in the workforce go unnoticed and she surely deserves to be in the spotlight and recognized for her hardwork and dedication. She has taken on the role of implementing Beacon Quality software for both plants for internal auditing. She not only took on the role to learn the software but she trained the team. She also asked for feedback to help make this transition easier for all involved. Beacon Quality itself has been great, but it is Glenna's can-do attitude that sets her apart. Every step of the process was completed quickly and efficiently.

  • James has been with us for a little more than a year as QMS Manager. He has been the binding agent we need to work together, better than ever, as a team. With his guidance and support we have achieved IATF16949 status successfully. His leadership skills and directive to focus on the "big rocks" has brought us far in 2017 and early 2018!

  • In his zeal to ensure Transcat's quality, Jeremy directly influences our clients' quality. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate Quality Blind Spots for our clients, particularly regulated clients whom have learned about difficult concepts which are not provided in their matriculating curriculum. This insightful knowledge illustrates how quality breaks down, unknown to the manufacturing company's employees, and how it allows for false acceptance of bad product or false rejection of good product. We have seen this time and time again, one client after another, and they are grateful to be aware of this "quality creep" and to be putting practices into place to prevent it.

  • Deb has developed awareness at our company for quality. She strives to improve our corrective actions and is developing our quality department into a productive continuous improvement team. I have witnessed a dramatic difference in our company, as to her involvement in creating an effective manufacturing organization. She has implemented QMS tools that were neglected previously.

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Influencer nominees dedicate their lives to training, educating, and influencing quality on a global scale.

  • Sheronda works in a global capacity for Cisco wherein she influences quality at the plant and contract manufacturer level in all she does. Moreover, through her work on global and national committees for Accreditation Bodies and international standards, she has had a profound voice into the standards, and certification to those standards, that affect plants all over the world. She takes that responsibility seriously and draws on over 30 years of experience as a quality engineer, CB auditor, consultant, global industry committee member / liaison, and corporate employee. What follows is a bio that explains much of the above: Sheronda is an engaged industry advocate. As a Technical Leader with Cisco, her impact upon quality is not only within Cisco but also globally. As Cisco’s representative, Sheronda participates at TIA/QuEST Forum. Sheronda represents TIA/QuEST Forum at the IAF, where she serves as the IAF Liaison to ISO/TC 176, was elected current IAF Director representing End-users and Industry and was elected the IAF User Advisory Committee (UAC) Chair. Sheronda has encouraged other industry representatives to join and engage with the IAF and under her leadership, the UAC has grown to 15 members, with 3 new association members joining after the April 2017 meeting. Sheronda has increased the influence of end-users and industry within the IAF. As a direct result of her efforts, a key resolution was approved at the IAF 31st General Assembly in Vancouver, Canada in October 2017.

  • Dave is a very experienced Quality Auditor with many years of experience in many industries over the years. He serves as an adjunct instructor for us here at Rhodes State College. His expertise is remarkable, his students truly appreciate his ability to translate that experience into a meaningful educational experience. We are very fortunate to have access to Dave's talent. He has not only had an impact in our program here at Rhodes State College, but many of the companies in our local area. His tireless dedication and enthusiasm are a vital component of our quality program!

  • I have been advocating quality concepts and practices continuously since 1986. I specialized in statistical quality control as part of engineering studies in University in 1985. I am proud to be a founding member of the Jordan Society for Quality (JSQ) and 1995 and Head of the Scientific Committee of Jordan Society for Quality, 1995 – 1997. Consultant for Quality Management Systems at Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization CTBTO – Vienna, 2016 – 2017. I am a skilled trainer and assessor in quality management systems since 1997, and I have conducted more than 950 man-days as third party Lead QMS Assessor in various sectors: Governmental, Banking, Insurance, Industrial, Contracting, Defense, 1997 – 2013. Between 1995-2016, I delivered several public and inhouse training courses and workshops in the Middle East on quality management systems and leadership. I am certified Lead Quality Assurance Assessor (IRCA) & Certified Lead Trainer, in 1997 I have presented a paper entitled “Status of Quality Management in Jordan” during Fourth Scientific Week Conference - Jordan, 1997. One of my greatest achievements was the introduction of quality management concepts and ISO 9000 among Industrial Engineering students at the University of Jordan between 1993 and 1995. I have supported the placements of graduates in various industries and helped students conduct their practical graduation projects that helped the industry resolve problems and enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • I have been in the quality field for 30+ years. My motto has been to “add value,” thus I became a quality influencer instead of an enforcer. I have also committed to making Quality an enjoyable profession. I have worked with many organizations, developed new tools, wrote many books, have been published in almost every quality magazine, taught quality to people internationally, and implemented QMS or Six Sigma in dozens of organizations. In my current job, I am chartered to create a culture of quality in a sales organization. Now as they see the benefits, people love quality. I am working on making quality a corporate initiative and a core principle. Recently, we made a process from 2000PPM to '0' PPM. I have been recognized as a Fellow of ASQ and Quality Professional of the Year 2016. I have served ASQ Sections in Illinois and California, and am currently Chair of ASQ Silicon Valley Section 613. I promote quality through presentations such as The Art of Improvement, Practicing Process Thinking, and many more. To me, a career in quality has been about value adding, developing new tools, creating a culture of excellence, and sharing my knowledge.

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Catalyst nominees are 'catalysts for change' within their company by starting programs, implementing change, and creating real results.

  • Sandy’s education and experience has helped our plant improve its Quality performance over the last year. Sandy is our site Quality Manager and in December she helped our plant go through a major audit and obtain its AS9100 REV D certification. As a company we launched an “I Own Quality Campaign.” This was facilitated by Sandy and the message was everyone in the plant has a responsibility and needs to be aware of how the own their piece of the quality pie. #championswanted #championfoundinsandylanning

  • We had major issues with Quality and came into 2017 with over one million dollars in scrap in our manufacturing process and over one and half million dollars in rework cost. When we started the year, we started with 2 months in a row having over 100 thousand dollars per month in scrap trending up, which would put us ending the year with +20% more scrap compared to the previous year. I started in the organization in March as Director of Opex and in May I took also over the Quality department. We have implemented a "Rapid Response RCCA" in combination with a "Gemba Quality Clinic". This process gave voice to the workforce on the shop floor, and made them part of the solution. Within the first month we were able to see a 50% decrease in scrap and rework, and we ended 2018 with only 10% of the scrap we were having beginning of 2017. Quality is achieved through involvement directly at the point of creation. We now have a workforce that has a voice and that is part of the solution by own choice.

  • Olga is very passionate about Quality. She organized Lean and Kaizen events for our locations by involving all personnel to learn about it and share their knowledge and be experts in this. She started from lay-out of our workshops and moving towards very strong lean culture! She increased number of Stop Work Authorities, looking after quality and safety as well, focused on process safety. The process of planning our job has several control points, and she is very focused on competencies of our personnel, and brought us from 72 hours NPT to 18 and our COPQ from 300 to 0. She likes to use project management skills and different tools we can use. She helps us a lot!

  • Thomas has many roles and responsibilities here at Girtz Industries. His leadership in the area of Quality is outstanding. Tom was instrumental in getting our company registered to ISO 9001:2015. We were the 1st company in our area to obtain this certification. Tom gave great effort and leadership during the certification process. In 2017, our Warranty rate was .26% of sales dollars and Nonconformance rate was .89% of sales dollars. These were record lows for our company. Tom is also an active member ASQ Local # 0917 Lafayette chapter with a leadership role as the Vice President. As with most leaders, Tom is a life-long learner. Most recently, our company was named in Quality Magazine’s 2018 Quality Leadership 100 list. There were a few other companies listed from the state of Indiana. Girtz Industries was awarded the 2nd highest listing among those in the state. This is due, in large part, to Thomas Sholty’s leadership. He is a Champion of Quality.

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