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Culture of Excellence Webinar

LPI_CoE_top-10-ways-to-convince-IT-2-compressorTop 10 Ways to Convince IT
(& Your Boss!)

How do you talk to your IT Director or your boss so they understand the importance of a new software you would like to purchase? What questions should you be prepared for? Find out during our live webinar! 

Our two resident experts, Richard Ruiz (Director of Technical Sales for Beacon Quality) and Chris Shoe (Director of Data Sciences) will be discussing:

  • Framing the software's capabilities to meet the company goals
  • How a software will solve your boss' problems
  • Calculating the ROI of the software
  • How to use data to tell the story
  • When to bring in testimonials & case studies
  • Technical requirements they may ask
  • Security considerations

And more!


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